Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pure Forms of Beauty

Light, Light, Light

Reach down, into the depths of my soul
And remove from me those thorns that pierce
Take away those walls that close in
That contain my spirit
Bring freedom to my doorstep
Launch me on this path
So that I may see
Around me now
The joy,
The sorrow
The pain
The wonder
The miracles
the healings that are part
of my Divine Inheritance.
I, as an astral being,
Human and Divine,
Embrace this Light
Welcome it
Place it
For within it
I'm born
I die
I become
I change
I am redeemed
I am saved
I am Glorified
I am Whole

Within those chambers of my heart
that still suffer in darkness
Bring the light to bear upon my soul
In this day
In this moment
at this hour
in this minute
at this second
Transcend my being
Imbue me to your face
To see within it
The reflection of my beauty,

I am that I am
The Holy One
The one, Singular
the Blessed
The Loved
The Mighty
I am the seed from my Fathers plant
Grown in my Mother's womb, Sprouted here, now
To live in Glory for You
Bring this Joy to my face
Let it light the world up
And be beautiful
Once more, let it be beautiful to behold.

Archangel Jophiel through Rita

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mid-Life Awakening - Not a Crisis!

Just as a baby must come into this world knowing only what it brought with it from another dimension and has to learn about the physical world and its physical body, so too do you upon reaching the threshold of what you would call "mid-life" come to a new place where you have brought with you all that you have learned from being in this physical world and body and now must learn what you can about your true nature.
This is where the rubber meets the road, spiritually speaking.  In this time of your life, for some earlier and for some later, there is a place where you have attained mastery over this physical world.  You know your body and what it can do, you know the place where you live and work, the people in your circles of friends and family, and you know the extent of your experience having lived the number of years you have.  What you may not know yet or what you may begin feeling the need to learn is who you really are.

Underneath the cloak of the body and the mind is a further description of you that encompasses all that you were, are and will be.  It is the Universal body that you are which demands now to become known to you as intimately as you know any other thing about yourself at this point.  the Universal body is a body of light and thought, emotion and wisdom gained from countless incarnations into various existences not only on an earthly plane, but in other worlds and universes.  You are a multi-dimensional, multi-universal being who is composed of stardust (thought form energy) that stems from One who has dreamed you into existence.

Just as you would dream an invention in your mind, then sketch it, then calculate its dimensions, then determine its components and materials then assemble it, so too does Your Creator dream you, sketch you, compose you and play you as a part of a great symphony of individual notes in a composition of great depth and beauty.  You are so much more than you could possibly imagine, and for now, it is really only necessary that you know this and that you allow yourself to be played by the Creator in the arrangement that was intended.  Your own personality and desires lend themselves to the distinct uniqueness of your sound, however there is a place for you in the overall song.  And your note is meant to be played at a certain pitch, for a certain length and in conjunction with other notes, at times, to create harmonies.

When you are ready to move beyond what you know here in this physical world, and when you are starving for new food to eat and new nourishment, then come and call upon us.  Archangels Raziel and Sandalphon now can give you graces to enter into an apprenticeship of sorts such that you can be given the proper initiation into learning these deeper mysteries of yourself.  Stay tuned by focusing energy and attention inside of yourself first (quieting thoughts and achieving a state of purity of being still), then to Nature and the workings of her servants (bees, birds, plants, elements like water and fire and wind, etc), then to the outer world and your interaction with it.  Notice how you treat yourself and others, the words you speak, the thoughts you think and begin shifting them to harmonize with your inner self and Nature.  Miracles are in good working order these days,  and this is the key to realizing them as they are happening all around you!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Leave room for Spirit to work For You

It's important not to get attached to the outcome of any prayer or request. You have to leave room for Spirit to work for you. If you try to narrowly define your wants and desires, then get attached to the outcome and fret when things do not come to you as you imagined it, you find yourself suffering disappointments. It is best to ask for what you desire from the standpoint of a feeling. For example, instead of saying I want to be independently wealthy and not have to work a day in my life, you could say, I desire to have days filled with activities that bring me joy and I expect all my material needs to be taken care of. This way, you're not expecting an outcome of either a lottery winning or a huge windfall from some speculative venture, but rather letting the Universe take charge of how to make you feel a true sense of freedom in whatever way It wants to make that happen for you.

If you have to question whether or not what you want is "good" for you, then you are judging yourself or not being honest with yourself. What you want is what you want. Plain and simple. If what you want is a specific person, you will have difficulty detaching from that outcome because that person has become a focal point and we cannot impose our will on another soul. In other words, you have left the Universe no avenues to give you what you want, which is a person with whom you can share an intimate loving relationship. To exclude other options is to be heavily attached to outcome which again, brings continual disappointment and frustration. It's like saying to the Universe, "I know more than you do! Now give me what I want!" None of us can ever know what is ultimately best for us. We can only follow our feeling to a place of authenticity and honesty.

This is the "map" in your heart. What we all ultimately want is to feel good, to feel loved and appreciated, to be free to engage in activities that give us joy, and to share that joy with others who we love and who love us in return. No person or situation can give you that. It arises from knowing who you are from within and trusting that by following what feels good to you is the right direction.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hiding in the Light

Everyone always asks about being in the light. What does that mean?

Light is another word for the awakened state of consciousness. Light workers are people who have found their way into this state and who want to assist others to find their way as well. All of this is good and meant to keep you on track to understanding the truth of your being.

What do we mean by the title, Hiding in the Light?

There are some who have come to an understanding about energy and intention. They have been able to make the connection from the human perspective of material life to the spiritual perspective of working with energy and intention to create deliberately that which is desired.

Hiding in the light is when you have come to a state of understanding but yet still do not feel the full effect of being immersed in the understanding or wisdom of the ages such that there is a discrepancy between your knowledge and your truth or perspective/beliefs.

When you are immersed in the light you are made to know all that is possible. When you choose to ignore the understanding or act from a base of fear you are denying your abilities to be a light worker or one who can be herself in the light and assisting others in their pursuit of discovery.

Let it be known now that there are many paths to this place of knowledge and one of them is a ledge on which you find yourself between the familiar and the unknown. Taking that step off the ledge into the unknown is the bravest and most courageous thing you can do. Learning to trust that in the light all things are revealed to you at the proper time will give you the added security of knowing that you do not need to hide any more in the light. Let it take you to the next step. Trust it to guide you fully and with complete support. No more hiding, it is time to make the leap and follow your heart's desire fully knowing your power and the power of those who surround and support you.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mind Games – Bending the Mind to the Will of God

The following is a channeled message from my angels and guides:

People believe what they choose to believe. In all of history it has been this way. We speak to you today on behalf of those who have been here before and who know and understand the challenges of earthly life. For those of you who have a hard time believing that we are here and can speak through a channel, we feel for you. Let those of you who have crossed into the knowingness enough to accept this as truth be healed and lighted for this leg of the journey. Those of you who are struggling with making the connection between belief and disbelief, know this: all good things are waiting for you when you are ready. There isn’t a day that goes by without a blessing. Know this to be true!

We tell you this because most of the time you are walking around in a fog created by illusions and thoughts that compete for “air time” in your mind. This air time we are talking about is the space created in your mind for active thinking, dreaming and imagining. When you are in a state of worry for example, you are pulling resources and energy away from the creative powers that exist naturally as part of your inheritance – your beingness as a child of God.

We use the term God here because there is no other word that you use to describe the allness, oneness or greatness that is the LOVE that powers and sustains all that is. We can call it LOVE but you may become confused with the term. LOVE truly is the same as God and God is love. So there is no distinction. You may use which ever term you feel most fits with your consciousness.
Please give me time to explain this to you. It will not come out all at one setting. Rita you have been given a gift. This gift is the ability to clearly hear us and to articulate in very good English what it is that we would like to say. Even these words are merely being dictated into your mind and you are writing them for us. Sometimes we use the knowledge already stored in your mind to create ideas, words, images and metaphors. This is just easier. When we see that you have grasped the concept, we move on.

Teachers tend to want to bring everyone back to the very beginning, for clarity sake, before expanding outward into new material. We will do this as well. Be patient as it unfolds, for we may be reviewing information that you have previously learned and which at this point seems utterly ordinary, but remember, to a novice, it is all new and very, very necessary to build the proper foundation for more knowledge.

Love comes to us not as a birthright, but rather as the whole of who and what you are. There is no separation between you and Love or you and God as it were. The concept must be grasped fully before we move on.
Love is and so are you. Divinity exists in all things – and so do you. You are divine. You are holy. You are also a creation of Divinity’s mind. You see, just as you would imagine a picture that you paint, Divinity or Love created you as a reflection of its thoughts and meanderings. Just as you would want to capture an essence, a feeling or just something beautiful, so has Divinity created you. You are not alone and never can be alone. It is impossible to think of the concept “alone” for us. It simply does not compute! For even when you are stranded on a desert island, you are among friends. The sands, the waters, the fish, the trees, the birds, the sunshine, the oxygen molecules are all with you. And that is just on the physical realm or level! Stop for a moment and consider where you are among the stars, among the spirit world. Please understand there is nothing more important for you to know right know than that you are not and never can be alone, unassisted or unsupported. That is simply impossible. Is a drop of water alone? No, because it can be evaporated back into the atmosphere from which it was formed and be used again to create another raindrop. Matter is neither created nor destroyed – it simply IS and always will be. You are no different. Your energy, your spirit is like the drop of water.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Declaration of Divinity

Okay, so you've been listening to Talk-n-Angels Radio Show and you hear me talking about how the angels and guides have given me direct downloads of wisdom and understanding. I have heard their messages. I talk to them every day. I fully understand their love for us and God's love for us. Now it's time for me, Rita Strough, to make my own declaration of Divinity.

I hold these truths to be self evident, that all people are Divine Beings, infinitely perfect, timeless, free, intelligent, whole, fully supported, blessed, cherished, and loved beyond human capacity to understand love.

I am a divine being, and so are you.
I am beautiful, and so are you.
I am powerful, and so are you.
I am filled with light and love, and so are you.
I resonate peace, and so do you.

Living here, now, I vow to pay attention to everything in my experience: my thoughts, my feelings, my desires. I vow to listen with attention and to speak thoughtfully knowing that words are most powerful when spoken with intention.

I vow to give of myself every day, freely and joyously, knowing that this could be my last day here on earth.

I devote myself to seeing the best in people and situations.

We are born here to learn, to love and to be angels to one another.

I choose to live in Love and imagine a world filled with peaceful beings, cooperating in harmonious unity, to fulfill our dreams, fully engaged with our spiritual family of angels and light beings, enjoying our duality of heaven and earth, spirit and flesh, co-creating our world.

Set forth this day, December 6, 2011
Rita J. Strough

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wise Investments

The journey of self discovery is one that continues for a lifetime. For even when great masters achieve enlightenment, they continue to live and walk among us on the earth, working and bathing, crying and laughing. Nothing changes and yet, everything changes. You begin to invest wisely in the only "currency" that will never be devalued - LOVE.

Have you spoken to your angels today? Have you asked what messages they have for you? Listening and asking. These are two vital activities for anyone on a spiritual path. For when we ask, we receive and when we believe without doubt, we are given gifts that far surpass anything we could have imagined.

My journey started long ago when I began to question my own faith traditions. I wondered what it all meant, why we were all here and what was the point of living then dying. Legacies seemed to be what was left when a person died and it had to be something great or it would be quickly forgotten. What I have come to understand as the truth is quite simple. The memorials that humans create to honor and remember are subject to the whims of the physical world. Statues and graves, memorabelia all will in time be worn out and forgotten. But the beauty that we give and bestow upon others, the light that we shine in the darkness, the kindness we show to a person lives on in eternity. These memorials are the permanent, indestructible investments based on love that continue to bless us in this life and the ones to follow.

Be sure to spend your energy on laying up stores of good works, with a grateful heart full of love. Give of yourself in this way so that when you leave this place, you will be assured a smooth and comfortable transition. All that you say, do and think matters greatly. Remember this and be thankful. Co-create something beautiful today! And if you don't know how, start talking to your angels. They know exactly what to do.